Crown Moulding

Tips about Crown Moulding

If you need some tips about crown moulding, we written this small article for you. Keep in mind that installing crown moulding can be a dangerous job and you must use the necessary tools so you can succeed.

Crown mouldings are one of the architectural features that can really add value to your home. They add a visual presence that can make a home look much more elegant.

Do you want to make an absolutely stunning difference in any room of your home in less than two days? We, as crown moulding experts, will help you choose the perfect crown mouldings for your home and install it for you that quick. You will feel like you’re living in a brand new Home!

Before you want to order our services please contact us because there are many types of crown moulding, here are only 5 examples of crown moulding from over 20/30 types:

1. Bed molding. Is a narrow molding used at the junction of a wall and ceiling. Bed moldings can be either sprung or plain.

2. Colonial. This are very used in various places. This profile can be called “classic”. Most of houses have it already build into: fireplaces, furniture, kitchens and many others…

3. Keel molding. With a sharp edge, resembling in cross-section the keel of a ship. It is common in the early english and decorated styles.

4. Screen molding. This is a small molding that is used to hide the area where a screen is attached to the frame.

5. Crown molding. This is very used and this is our main category, for more information, you can contact us at any time